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University of Oxford


The University of Oxford was kind enough to partly fund my time filming and photographing in the Atlantic Brazilian Forest. 

Ville de Valbonne


I was awarded a Ton Défi Jeune grant by the Ville de Valbonne to complete my documentary on the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest.

Otoxo Productions


Otoxo Productions make social documentaries. Their uniqueness lies in the fact they give a voice to the unheard in a truly intimate and humble way. This is what initially drew me to their work. Their sensitivity and focus on detail really plunge you into the world of the character. Check it out for yourself!

I am over the moon to have co-directed with them this year.

Voices for Nature


Voices for Nature seek to inspire action for Brazil's rainforest and wildlife through creative storytelling and performance. They are constantly searching for new and original ways of reaching out to people, always with the aim of empowering them to make a difference. As the founder herself says: "All cannot be doom and gloom when it comes to saving the world!".  

After being media-coordinator for VfN, I am now co-writing a script with the founder, Sigrid Shreeve, based on her novel Jabujicaba.

Carol Sachs


Carol Sachs is a Brazilian photographer and videographer. To the left you can see a video she made on her travels. Since being trained by her, I have been assisting her on a variety of projects.



Convent de Sant Agustí


The Convent de Sant Agustí is a civic centre in the heart of the Born area, Barcelona. It is a dynamic and cultural space for all ages, and has a special focus on arts and media. 

Centre Civíc Pati Llimona


Pati Llimona is a centre Cívic in the Gothic area of Barcelona. It specialises in photography and holds regular activities, events, and festivals. 

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