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Accomable on tour, 2017

Accomable is an online platform to help people with mobility difficulties find accessible properties around the world. These videos are a series of travel stories following customers on their adventures, as well as a video about introducing the brilliant Accomable team and what they're about. 

For more information on Accomable, check out their website and facebook.

El Peso de la Manta, 2016


On the streets of Barcelona, the most visible yet invisible immigrants of all struggle to survive through illegal street selling. Persecuted by the police, victims of relentless racism, and silent for many years, they have finally found a voice and created a union. Their demands are simple: more understanding, more awareness, more dignity. Our documentary follows their struggle.

To know when our next screening is, follow El Peso de la Manta's facebook page!

Heart of the Mata, 2016



Heart of the Mata is a photography and documentary project on the beauty, the preservation, and on the impact of destruction of a stretch of Atlantic Rainforest in Recife, Brazil. This project was supported by NGO Santuário Dos Três Reinos (Brazil) and the city of Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis (France).


To discover more, visit the website dedicated to this project.

Enfocats, 2016

 A short film on the annual photography festival Enfocats, a festival held at the Barcelona 'Centre Civic Pati Llimona'.

Biocenter, 2016

Barcelona's very first vegetarian restaurant, Biocenter, came into being in 1977. Today its delicious cuisine and strong values continue to delight customers from all over the globe, and has even participated in Barcelona officially becoming a "veg-friendly" city!

For more information, visit their website

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